The Body of Learning Studio

Strength. Functional. Results.


At Body of Learning, we focus on creating a challenging environment with functional classes to produce results. We work closely with each client during individual and group sessions to make sure they are achieving their long-term goals, and reaching their highest potential in body, mind and spirit.

Working exclusively in Birmingham, Franklin and Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, Body of Learning Studios holds small group sessions at the Body of Learning studio. The sessions utilize simple but effective tools and techniques, including kettlebells, rope training, body-weight training, TRX, sandbags, metabolic training, Pilates, medicine balls, dumbbells and Valslides.


Steve Alley

Owner of Body of Learning Studios

Developer of "Body of Strength"

lululemon Ambassador

Certified Personal Training

Through more than 15 years of research, training, and education, Steve has developed expertise in designing programs that achieve maximum results by combining simple tools and motions to improve overall health. His customized programs and small group training are designed for anti aging purposes. They are low impact, yet focus on providing strength, flexibility, and weight loss through fun, energetic movements and energy.

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Matt Calcaterra

Personal Trainer

Strength & Conditioning Coach 

Crossfit Athlete 

Matt is extremely passionate about health and wellness, he is also an exceptionally talented CrossFit athlete that embodies fitness. We are so grateful to have his expertise on our staff! Matt’s toolbox is very diverse, whether you’re looking for mobility, strength, conditioning, nutrition, skill, or even motivation he will come through for you! 

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Jennalynn Manduzzi

Personal Trainer

Working in oncology, Jenna has a strong drive to be on the preventative side of disease by helping others to create a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Her genuine enthusiasm, passion, knowledge and practical approach to total health empowers her clients to develop strength and confidence without dreading the process. Jenna’s mission in life is to encourage those around her to be healthy, fit, and able to live their lives to the absolute fullest!

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